Crossroads Brewing Co.

A Beer Lovers’ Guide to Hudson Valley

We’ve put together a beer lovers’ guide for those living and visiting the Catskill, N.Y. area

The natural beauty, growing tourism industry and overall community-mindedness that make this area ideal for LUMBERYARD seem to be as appealing to creative entrepreneurs in the quickly expanding craft beer industry.

Breweries added $277 million in revenue to New York State’s economy in 2015 after they increased in number to 240 from 95 in 2012.

Those breweries created 11,366 full-time equivalent jobs and $554 million in paid wages.

Needless to say, if you’re upstate looking for some great tastes, or checking out next month’s TAP New York Craft Beer and Food Festival, you’ll be spoiled with options.

Here are some of our favourite breweries whose products and leaders stand out as exceptional:

Chatham Brewing

chatham brewing

Ideas that co-founder, Tom Crowell, recently shared with the Register Star about what makes the Hudson Valley a great place to run a business resonated with us.

“We have our tagline, ‘It is not just local, it’s personal’,” Crowell told the newspaper. “I think it is a pretty accurate reflection for the entire Hudson Valley…

“You can actually get to know us and interact with people making the beer on a personal level. And that is what attracts people…”

Beverages from the menu of this 10-year-old brewery will be available at our upcoming March Party, for which Chatham Brewing is a sponsor.

Chatham’s ales and IPAs can also be found in stores, pubs and farm-to-table restaurants throughout the state.

In Catskill, their ‘8 Bottle‘ is also available at New York Restaurant.

Cave Mountain Brewing Company

Owner, Lisa Alinder, is one of three female brewery owners in New York State.

cave mountain brewing company

Lisa, who grew up in Westchester, is now at the helm of the Windham-based brew pub founded by her brother.

Last summer, she shared with us her observations about doing business in the area after Cave Mountain Brewing Company sponsored LUMBERYARD’s End of Summer Shindig.

“The Hudson Valley is a four season destination,” she said. “It’s where adventure meets culture.”

Together with other local craft breweries, Lisa has helped develop the Catskill Beverage Trail, offering tourists a route through the Valley dotted with stops at wineries, distilleries and cider houses.

They hope the trail will help others see that richness of the Valley’s culture.

Crossroads Brewing Company

crossroads brewing company

Crossroads founders, Janine Bennett and Ken Landin, are opening a brewery storefront this summer, adjacent to LUMBERYARD.

A passion for Hudson Valley inspired them to found the company in 2008.

“There’s something about growing up in the Valley, right by the river especially. You always have a sense of home. The river is grounding. It unites us,” Janine says.

“I think that’s part of why people stick together and support one another: we’re all in this together.”

Crossroads, which sponsored LUMBERYARD’s Groundbreaking event, was recognized in 2016 at New York’s largest beer festival as the best brewery in Hudson Valley.

They chose Catskill, N.Y. for their storefront after an influx of entrepreneurs and investment to our historic riverside town.

“There’s huge excitement surrounding LUMBERYARD coming to the area. LUMBERYARD is going to bring a spotlight to Catskill, N.Y. and bring even more arts and culture,” Janine said.

“In Catskill, N.Y. the art isn’t just on the walls, it’s in the shops, it’s in the people.”