Behind-the-scenes: Catskill, N.Y. community + asbestos campaign video

Asbestos. What a drag.

Asbestos abatement. Even more of a drag – and an expensive one at that.

With the discovery of asbestos also came a willingness to meet this challenge with diligence, open minds, community spirit and a boatload of creativity.

Which is how the idea for our Asbestos Angels Campaign video was born.

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In early April, we put out a call for volunteers to star in our video.

We hoped that a handful of people would be willing and able to spare some time on a Saturday morning.

On the day of, despite the chilly weather and biting winds, more twenty people showed up, including friends from Greene County Planning & Economic Development, Bridge Street Theatre, the Catskill Community Center, long-time and recent residents and our neighbors right next door.

Catskill, N.Y. is rich in talent!

Jason Marlow, a film director newly based in Catskill, N.Y., shot the video footage.

Photograph and visual designer Alon Koppel brought his drone to capture aerial footage.

The young stars of our video shoot also got an education in the making of a short film. Jason Marlow took some time to answer their questions about the “furry” mic.

Jason Wells LUMBERYARD’s Director of Production and the man in the hazmat suit) was the acting coach.

The kids had front row seats to Alon’s drone setup. Some were even impromptu assistants yelling, “Quiet on the set, please!”

From prior visits and meeting some folks in town, I knew that the sense of community in Catskill, N.Y. was strong.

But after seeing it in action and having experienced it firsthand, it was truly heart-warming.

It was a brilliant example of how this community pitches in to help each other succeed.

We are so thrilled to be a part of this warm, welcoming, vibrant community.

After the shoot wrapped, edits were quickly made and we launched the Asbestos Angels campaign with a home-grown video!

Thanks to donors and local businesses, we’ve been able to raise over $20,000 so far!

If you haven’t already, please do check out our Asbestos Angels campaign page and video.

All donations at the moment are being matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by PAR Environmental!

… And stay tuned for episode two!