Annual BBQ gifts Catskill kids with back to school supplies

Every child who attended Saturday’s BBQ in Catskill, N.Y. left with a new backpack stuffed with back to school supplies.

The gift is a signature of the annual August event that welcomes hundreds of people to the Hop-o-Nose neighborhood directly beside LUMBERYARD’s campus.

Highlights from Saturday

Saturday kicked off with the first game of a day-long kids basketball tournament.

Guests were greeted with a range of entertainment options: from a kids-run DJ table, to bounce houses, to horse rides, a rock climbing wall and face painting.

Free hotdogs and hamburgers as well as cotton candy, snow cones, fresh fruit and popcorn were were on offer to the more than 300 guests.

Impromptu dance party

Melanie George, LUMBERYARD’s dramaturg and an experienced choreographer, offered an impromptu dance lesson.

To give kids a taste of what they can expect from LUMBERYARD’s Young Performers free after school program this fall, Melanie asked everyone to contribute a specific move that was used to create a dance.

New backpacks with back to school supplies

Every year, children who attend the BBQ leave with a backpack filled with back to school supplies.

Each contains:

  1. Pens
  2. Pencils
  3. An eraser
  4. A gluestick
  5. Notepaper
  6. Scissors
  7. Crayons

Event co-founders Sadie Wilburn and Melissa Dallas say the kids and parents are always delighted to receive the gift.

“It’s just to get them started, help out a little bit and get some items off the back to school supplies checklist,” Sadie says.

Inspiration behind annual Hop-o-Nose back to school BBQ

The example of her late mother who was known around Hop-o-Nose as ‘The Ice Cream Lady’, inspired Sadie in 2010 to host the first BBQ.

Her mom had helped keep neighborhood children off the street by selling ice cream from her apartment: 1 scoop for 25 cents, 2 scoops for 50 cents.

“I was wondering what I could do for the kids so everyone was in a good mood when they went back to school,” Sadie says. “I figured my mom was good at it so I wanted to carry on.”

From its second year, they have dedicated the BBQ to the memory of Hop-o-Nose moms who have passed on – like The Ice Cream Lady and Mrs. Quinn who sold ice pops.

LUMBERYARD, a proud event sponsor

From LUMBERYARD’s start in Catskill. N.Y. in 2015, the Hop-o-Nose community has warmly welcomed us.

They have introduced us to many local residents and more recently were a key part of our Asbestos Angels video campaign.

We’re delighted to join Sadie and Melissa in support of young Catskill, N.Y. residents and become one of the BBQ’s event sponsors.

Other sponsors included: Bridge Street Theatre, Catskill Community Center, Community Life Church, Bank of Greene CountyGreene County, Police Benevolent Association, Village of Catskill as well as individual donors.

Watch this space for more information on our future collaborations.

As Sadie put it: “It’s a fun day, anyone can come, we don’t turn anyone away.”

You’re invited: Students to join LUMBERYARD’S free after school program

We’re hoping a number of kids from Hop-o-Nose will this fall join our free after school program.

From Sept. 18, Greene County School District students, who are enrolled this year in grades 4-10, are invited to Catskill Community Center each Monday for hour-long performance workshops.

No performance experience is necessary.


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