Asbestos. What a drag. Asbestos abatement. Even more of a drag — and an expensive one at that. With the discovery of asbestos also came a willingness to meet this challenge with diligence, open minds, community spirit, and a boat-load of creativity.   Which is how the idea for our Asbestos Angels Campaign video was born. In

Sanford R. Gifford exhibit kicks off Catskill’s tourist season which increasingly includes must-see art in the area

Exclusive photos: Historic space reopens next month with a new look and name, Hudson Hall

Jomama Jones

We’re all the more determined to provide you a rich future of rare opportunities to see new works of performing artists, both emerging and legendary

Crossroads Brewing Co.

Valley attracting artists as well as creative entrepreneurs in quickly expanding craft beer industry

Jomama Jones is coming to Catskill

Wednesday / March 01 / 2017 by

Popular performer is known to get the audiences in the mood with her fusion of retro-funk, camp and theatricality

New work by artist Kathy Westwater available first to Lumberyard audiences

Update: What we’ve been up to so far

Tuesday / January 31 / 2017 by

Our whole team was in the Hudson Valley earlier this month, fine-tuning development plans around our 2018 season opening

Jodi Melnick

Why 2016 made us happy

Saturday / December 31 / 2016 by

Lumberyard’s first year in Catskill has been awesome. Thank you to everyone who helped make it so.

Collaboration with local residents proves to be a pivotal element of success

Catskill Village President expects Catskill to welcome new restaurants, cafes, shops and residents in 2017

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