Cynthia Hopkins

Articles of Faith
 June 15, 16, 17 at 8pm
at The Kitchen, NYC

“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” 
- Cormac McCarthy

“I told God my plans, and she laughed at me."

An article of faith is a deeply held belief, theoretically unshakeable regardless of circumstance. It’s like a flame that glows steadily from within a swinging lantern on a boat being tossed by the waves.

In late May 2015, the author emerged from Yosemite National Park to learn that a catastrophic fire had destroyed her home and work studio, obliterating all record of past performances and the items used to make them — costumes, wigs, instruments, thousands of pages of hand-written notes, lyrics, musical compositions, hard drives and computers.

It was as if the fire was saying, “It’s time to tell a story unadorned, unmolested by theatrics, or wigs, or costumes, or lies. It’s time to tell the truth that is always more complex, more uncanny than anything anyone could ever invent.”

Articles of Faith is that story.

Created by musical performance artist Cynthia Hopkins in collaboration with designer Jeff Sugg.

  • “Charmingly eccentric.”
    -The New York Times

Cynthia Hopkins is a writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and internationally acclaimed musical performance artist: she writes and sings songs, records albums, and creates groundbreaking multi-media performance works that intertwine truth and fiction, blurring the lines between edification and entertainment. Through the process of making performances, she attempts to alchemize disturbance into works of intrigue and hope that simultaneously stimulate the senses, provoke emotion, and enliven the mind. She is dedicated to creating groundbreaking original works that investigate innovative forms of communication, melding music, text, technical and theatrical design, and video with unbelievable fact and outrageous fiction. Her mission is to obscure the distinction between edification and entertainment through the creation of works that are as philosophical as they are entertaining, as intellectually challenging as they are viscerally emotional, as deeply comical as they are tragic, and as historically aware as they are immediately engaging.

She has produced seven musical performance works, eight albums of original music, and one museum installation. Her work has been honored with many awards, including a 2015 Doris Duke Artist Award, a 2015 Grants to Artists Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship, and the 2007 Alpert Award in Theater. She most recently premiered The Alcoholic Movie Musical! (a collaboration with video artist Jeff Sugg) at commissioning venue The Bushwick Starr; and Memorabilia (an exhibit of five memorial quilts and one requiem in honor of five deceased musical performance works) at commissioning venue The Fabric Workshop & Museum in Philadelphia. Ms. Hopkins is currently at work on two new projects: a podcast titled Moving to Philadelphia chronicling the challenging and thrilling adventure of her relocation to Philadelphia after twenty years in Brooklyn (subscribe for free via iTunes!); and a new musical storytelling experiment titled Articles of Faith about a catastrophic fire that destroyed her home (scheduled to premiere in the 2016-17 season at commissioning venues American Dance Institute and The Kitchen) while continuing to work as a performer, composer, voice over artist, and musician for many other folks.

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